Lib Dems Stop Conservatives Cutting Apprenticeship Pay


The Conservatives want to cut the wages of hard working apprentices such as Daisy (pictured here).

Portsmouth Lib Dem councillors have stopped Conservative plans for a 22% pay cut for apprentices.

The Conservatives running the Council backed the planned pay cut for all new apprentices at a meeting of the council’s Employment Committee. They wanted all apprenticeships to be paid the minimum wage for 18-20-years-olds, regardless of how old they are.

Lib Dem councillors said this would lead to two-tier apprenticeships and would stop people taking them up. Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Darren Sanders and Lynne Stagg successfully stopped the plans.

Conservative councillor Luke Stubbs told the meeting he backed the pay cut because youngsters should be ‘pricing themselves into’ apprenticeships.

Conservative and Labour councillors had previously thrown out the Lib Dem idea of doubling the number of apprentices the Council has.

Gerald Vernon-Jackson, the Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for Portsmouth South, said:

“Lib Dems in Government have delivered 6,610 more apprenticeships for our city. By wanting apprentices over 21 to be paid like an 18-year-old, the Conservatives are not serious about giving young people a chance.”

Darren Sanders, Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for Portsmouth North, said:

“It’s the same old Tories. Instead of giving young people something to aspire to, they want to put up barriers to increasing apprenticeships in our city.”

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