Better News for Portsmouth Fire Service

For several months now whenever there has been a fire in a highrise that needed the high-level platform the one in Southsea was left in the Fire Station and the one from Southampton had to be called in.

The Conservative run City Council did not lobby for a better deal for Portsmouth, so we got the biggest cut in Hampshire. This meant that there was no crew for the fire engine with the high-level platform (ALP, or Aerial Laddder Platform) used to fights fires in blocks of six floors or more.

 The fire fighters at Southsea and their union have come up with a plan to get a crew back on the high-level platform when it’s needed, and at no extra cost. The layers of management at Hampshire fire service have blocked this.

Your local Lib Dem councillors contacted the fire service and asked the management to look again at the way the fire fighters were deployed and I'm glad to say that the management has now looked again at the fire fighters' proposals and accepted most of their suggestions. This means that if there is a fire in one of our city’s high-rises the high-level platform from Southsea is sent, instead of waiting for the one from Southampton. This cuts vital minutes off the time before a fire in a high-rise can be tackled.

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