Conservative Cabinet is Failing Milton


Gerald Vernon-Jackson appreciates how important it is to keep Milton green.

Portsmouth City Council's Cabinet has been condemned for not looking at proposals to reduce development in Milton.

Portsmouth's Lib Dem Leader and Parliamentary candidate for Portsmouth South has condemned the City Council Cabinet for refusing to look at ideas that might reduce the level of development in Milton.

"At the Council meeting on 14th October the councillors asked the Cabinet to looked at five ideas for how to reduce the pressure of overdevelopment at St James' and Langstone in Milton. But at the Cabinet meeting on the 6th November they did not debate this. It is also not on the agenda for the 4th December," says Gerald Vernon-Jackson.

"I know that the Leader of the Council opposed this motion to look at ways of stopping over development in Milton, but the councillors across Portsmouth said they wanted the Council Cabinet to look at this, and they have ignored this. This is not good enough."

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