Conservative Council Leader builds new personal office


The new office under construction

The Conservative Leader of Portsmouth City Council has authorised the renovation and expansion of her office to almost triple its size after less than 5 months in post. The Leader's new office includes 4 new desks, 4 new computers, a new meeting table, new meeting chairs and even a new large flat screen TV.

The previous Leader’s Office had been used by Council Leaders from all three political parties for many years.

Portsmouth's Liberal Democrat Leader, Councillor Gerald Vernon-Jackson, has attacked the waste of public money on a new office.

"At a time when the council is consulting on cuts to youth services, buses, theatres and social services, the Council Leader should not be wasting council tax-payers’ money on a new office for herself.”

“Now in the first year of the new Conservative/Labour/UKIP coalition producing a council budget they waste £15,000 on a new flash office for the new Council Leader. This is the sort of waste of public money that politicians should avoid."

"When so many hardworking staff are going the extra mile to continue to deliver good public services in the face of 300 job cuts and huge spending reductions, this wasteful spending on a personal boardroom for the Council Leader, when there is one next door, sends a clear message to hard-pressed council staff; "It's one rule for the Conservative Leader, another for council staff".

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