Pier Repairs Notice Welcomed


Portsmouth Lib Dems have welcomed the decision today that a Repairs Notice is to be served on the owners of South Parade Pier. This follows a meeting two weeks ago where different legal advice was offered to councillors on the effects of a repair notice being served.

"But this is just the first step," says Portsmouth's Lib Dem Leader Gerald Vernon-Jackson.
“Councillor Donna Jones, the Conservative Leader of the Council, has made no commitment to follow up on the repairs notice which also has no time scale or deadline attached to it.”
"If this notice is not complied with then the Council must be prepared to take action and compulsory purchase the pier. The pier would then either be passed to a third party - possibly the Trust - to do up, or repaired directly by the council at tax payers’ expense. The council needs to commit now to either of these two routes if they are not 100% sure that the current owners of the pier will do the repairs needed. The Council morally cannot issue a Repairs Order and then not see the repairs take place."

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