Tory Council Wants More Decisions in the Dark


Tory Council wants more decisions in the dark.

Plans to decimate the ability of councillors and the public to scrutinise Portsmouth City Council's decisions have been condemned.

The plans, hidden within budget plans put together by Conservative, Labour and UKIP councillors in the city, would cut scrutiny to 'the statutory minimum'. This would include stopping meetings where Cabinet members take their decisions in public.

Lib Dem councillors will oppose the plans at next month's meeting to decide the council budget.

"This is a dark day for the open and transparent decision-making more and more people in Portsmouth expect," said Councillor Gerald Vernon-Jackson.
"In 11 years of being involved in running this city, the Lib Dems never did anything like this. Now the Tories and their allies, who wanted openness and transparency when in opposition, want to stop anyone keeping an eye on what they are doing in power. And all to save £15,000 in a £500m budget."

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