Will you be voting for Gerald?

The Conservatives know if they win Portsmouth South they will probably win the general election. The Conservatives need Portsmouth South, and the Liberal Democrats are the only party that can beat them.

Look at the facts. In the entire history of Portsmouth South, Labour have never won the seat. Last time they got just 14% of the vote. 

Labour can't win here, voting for them is a wasted vote; the only way to stop Cameron is to vote Liberal Democrat to make sure we beat the Tories.

The same is true for UKIP who got less than 3% of the vote in 2010 and their local party is paralysed by infighting, while the greens got less than 2% of the vote.

In government the Liberal Democrats have stopped cruel Conservative policies such as allowing companies to run schools to make a profit, tax cuts for millionaires or allowing employers to fire workers for no reason.

Will you vote for Gerald to keep the Tories out?

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Yes, I support Gerald Vernon-Jackson.
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No, I do not support Gerald Vernon-Jackson.